IRC chat applet

Welcome to the autism chat room. Come and chat with adults on the autism spectrum, people with aspergers syndrome, and anyone with an interest. It's free, and there is no need to register. Click and accept on the popup for the site to work, this is a secure site. When the chatroom loads, type in the box and press enter to chat. We chat about all autism related topics plus general chat, relationship advice and talk about hobbies. You can also make your own chatroom. This is the first chat network created by autistics.

To connect to the chatroom you will need to install Java, this software is free and is available for all major operating systems. Once installed, you can access the chat applet at Please click allow/accept when prompted in order to allow the connection.
The rules of the chatroom are quite simple:

  • No spamming
  • No threats
  • No users under 16 years of age
  • Sexual discussion is allowed

Please be patient if the room is quiet when you first join.

You may also point an IRC client at to connect without using the applet or use our web interface here: ChatAutism web interface. We recommend people use the web interface if they have trouble using the java applet. Please specify #chatautism as the channel when connecting.